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Through the eyes of a foodie

ok…i created this account and have not been able to update since. My apologies. But going forward I plan on writing about all the different/new restaurants/street food I try and savor and survive. Those that made it to the top of the list, those that made it to the bottom, those that you should avoid at all cost, those worth paying a fortune for…everything through the eyes of a foodie, also a vegetarian – sorry folks if you are meat and potatoes kinda guy, this page may not interest you. But if you plan on becoming a vegetarian, its definitely not that difficult. I will also be posting recipes of my disastrous food experiments (that most times turn our good). I am not a food doctor but definitely try to maintain a balance in diet. Will be happy to share some of that with you but you are welcome to ignore it as it may seem like just another food freak. Anyway buckle up n enjoy the reading!!!


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