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This place is fantabulous!!! jus happened to walk by and noticed this hole in the wall. u can easily miss this if you walk too fast. thought i’d give it a try as there were ppl waiting whch is always a good sign. Great, cheap burmese food – yes its very chinese though they call it burmese, yes its very greasy, yes the owners are rude, yes its very small if you plan on eating-in…but neverthless, if you ignore all mentioned items you will actually enjoy the food. I ordered a Yamo home noodles with veggies and tofu to-go. Was telling myself I would eat half that night and save the rest for the next day. But once i started eating, i just cudn’t stop until the whole portion was gone…hmmm.. so much for portion control.





Off the GriD, San Francisco…a convergence of all the best food trucks in the city every Friday from 7-10 pm at Fort Mason; a haven to food truck lovers and a must if you are a San Fran resident. You will find Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean, Filipino, BBQ, Argentinian, etc. What is impressive is they are not the traditional cuisine you find in restaurants but more of street food with a twist – Curry up now serves indian street food with a mexican flavor- their disintegrated samosa chaat is spicy and tasty- too large a portion for one person though. Chairman bao (one of my favs) serves the chinese buns with tofu, pork or chicken – steamed or baked. My reco always get the steamed – its cheaper and tastier. Then you got the famous Mamas empanadas – hot and yummy. Finish it off with the best creme brulee from  Creme Brulee man. Besides good food you are also treated to live music. Always grab a jacket with you- this is San Francisco if you know what i mean.











Gracias amigo for showing me Gracias Madre

Quesadillas de Calabaza

San Francisco food festival – too crowded, too little space and Hungry!!! So after a few cans of beer, I’m led into this restaurant by my meat-loving friend. I do not have a very high opinion of the place though it looks clean and rustic, wondering if i should do salad or just potatoes…then he surprises me by saying its Organic Vegan-Spanish cuisine. I’m like what??? A meat-lover recommended vegan cuisine? Then my curiosity runs wild and am determined to try it. The menu makes little sense to me. So i ask my friend to pick. Like predicted he picks the potatoes for appetizers – Papas al Horno (pa·pa al hor·no Noun – Singular Baked potato; Synonyms: papa horneada, patata al horno). So they bring this scrumptious (get used to my ‘foodie’ slang) looking plate. Was it good or what??? Yumm.. Then i order the enchiladas con Mole (mole; Spicy sauce made with chocolate and hot peppers.; Spicy sauce often containing chocolate). The sauce was heavenly, nothing like i’ve ever tasted- the enchiladas cooked to perfection.

I highly recommend this restaurant if you are having friends visit and would like to surprise them by showing true San Francisco cusine (which really means unique).

Try and make reservations on Friday/Sat nights as this place can get PACKED!


¡buen provecho !!!

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