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Quesadillas de Calabaza

San Francisco food festival – too crowded, too little space and Hungry!!! So after a few cans of beer, I’m led into this restaurant by my meat-loving friend. I do not have a very high opinion of the place though it looks clean and rustic, wondering if i should do salad or just potatoes…then he surprises me by saying its Organic Vegan-Spanish cuisine. I’m like what??? A meat-lover recommended vegan cuisine? Then my curiosity runs wild and am determined to try it. The menu makes little sense to me. So i ask my friend to pick. Like predicted he picks the potatoes for appetizers – Papas al Horno (pa·pa al hor·no Noun – Singular Baked potato; Synonyms: papa horneada, patata al horno). So they bring this scrumptious (get used to my ‘foodie’ slang) looking plate. Was it good or what??? Yumm.. Then i order the enchiladas con Mole (mole; Spicy sauce made with chocolate and hot peppers.; Spicy sauce often containing chocolate). The sauce was heavenly, nothing like i’ve ever tasted- the enchiladas cooked to perfection.

I highly recommend this restaurant if you are having friends visit and would like to surprise them by showing true San Francisco cusine (which really means unique).

Try and make reservations on Friday/Sat nights as this place can get PACKED!


¡buen provecho !!!


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